What’s your beating stick?


We all have it!  Usually more than one.  But there is one voice probably a little louder than the rest.  A voice that feels demanding and judgemental.  Are you tired of it?  Scared of it?  Or maybe believe it?

First things first, you need to separate it from the facts.  So commit to journal every day so that you know what is going around in circles up there.  Too often we are just going through the motions of the day and forget to take a breath and check-in.  Focus is good but can produce tunnel vision where you miss very important cues that you are off track.

Once you have rooted out what the critical voice is saying ask yourself a few questions.  What do you notice?  How true is it?  Remind you of anyone?  One of your parents?  A friend?  Do you feel a little gross and heavy?  Remember how it shows up for you so that you can recognize it when it comes around again.

Now the real work is just beginning-figuring out another statement which you BELIEVE, from a scale of 0-10, an 8.  Keep this close as you will  need this to help start a new way of being.

Listen close, this is where A LOT of people drop the ball-being insistent and persistent.   Remember, it’s no big deal if you dropped the ball, just pick it up again.  And be mindful of creating ANOTHER beating stick about not being able to let go of the beating stick.  There is no need in being so serious-it’s actually kind of funny if you look at it closely!

Feel when you are off track by feeling how your body is (tight, heavy, tired, etc.) or being aware of what thoughts are going around in circles in the head.  Give whatever emotion is here presence by naming it. This is a crucial turning point, feeling it ONLY WITHOUT the reason behind it.

At this point, you are at a  crossroads.  Either you go again on another cycle with the critical thoughts or break the cycle and replace it quickly with a more empowering thought (that you came up with before)  creating and laying down the groundwork for a new cycle.

You are retraining your brain.  Show yourself extreme kindness by not criticizing yourself.  You are spirit and this is part of having the human experience.

Be the master or be a slave to it.

Your choice.

Simple as that.


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