Dating After Break-ups


The legal mess is behind you and you are ready for another serious relationship.  Maybe you don’t know where to even meet people anymore.  Or maybe you have been going out and the dating scene is wearing you down.  You start wondering why you haven’t met that special someone.  All the rules seem different now.  You feel awkward and unsure of yourself.  You often feel confused and uncertain.

You may have dated someone you thought was possibly the one but only left you heartbroken and devastated at yet another failure.

Do you often catch yourself longingly looking at couples who are walking hand in hand down the street?


Do you hear yourself thinking constantly,

“What’s wrong with me?”

“I will never meet anyone I am attracted to!”

and  finding yourself willing to overlook your needs by SETTLING FOR GOOD ENOUGH!!!

You find yourself swinging  from endlessly going to group gatherings and online dating, to sitting at home alone, sad and resigned.


In the end, you always give and give until you feel hopeless and that all the good ones are taken.

You have this wonderful dream about you falling in love again and having an instant soul connection as soon as your eyes meet.  Is wanting love such a bad thing?  Of course not.

As humans we THRIVE on connections and cannot survive without them.  Through relating with each other we get to know ourselves on the deepest levels.  Connecting with people creates intimacy that most of us crave.

You need to figure out what is going on.  Why this is always happening to you.  You need to stop playing  pity party and feel good again.

You need clarity in thought to get you going in the direction you want.  You want to finally start living the life you always thought you would and deserve..

But you’re frustrated and if you really look deep, you actually have a lot of fears about opening yourself up and trusting that it will work out this time.


You need a support system and an objective viewpoint (someone who is not your mother or your best friend).  Someone who will tell you in a kind loving direct manner about what they truly see is getting in your way.  You need someone to guide you by using an effective  system which unites heart and logic.

This is what I do.

Work with me, and create your personal dating plan.  I have created a simple system which brings into focus your goals, your best match, and support you need to start attracting the right guy for you now!

There will be no manipulating, absolutely no convincing and no slick lines to memorize!


I didn’t get a divorce because I wanted to be single again.  But I still wanted a partner to spend my time and my life with.  I jumped into the dating scene and found it confusing and disappointing.  What I found was that I was doing the definition of insanity with the same type of men over and over again.  Instead feeling full of hope of my happily ever after, I started to become anxious and jaded.

For almost 8 years, I’ve been through numerous certification programs, workshops, lectures and intensely studying ways to revive my life.  During these years, my journey has been about earth shattering self-discovery and self-responsibility.  What was surprising is through my self-discovery, it naturally flowed into why we have certain relationships in our lives and basically what we can do about that.  What I found is by combining powerful systems in a certain way supports the process of  more joyful and enriching relationships.

Did you know that…

  • Professional Coaching improves self-confidence by 80%, relationships by 73% and communication skills by 72%

  • Reiki has significant positive outcomes for depression, high blood pressure, pain, and anxiety by Stanford University and Cross Cancer Institute Studies and many more…

How would even a bit of that sound in your own life right now?

I have definitely seen those results as have my clients.   So if you are ready to meet that special someone just for you, go on more high quality dates, be in a position to choose who you want an exclusive relationship with, and maybe fall in love again then I may just be the coach you have been looking for.

If you are ready to get started and possibly have some great fun a long the way, let’s begin.  Contact me by clicking here to start the conversation so that you can tell me about yourself, what you have been through, what has not worked, and ask me any questions you may have.  Then we will decide whether working with me is the best thing for you right now.  If we decide that we are not in the space to create something you want, then I will offer suggestions to something that may help you unravel what you are looking for.

If we choose that we are a good fit together then we have a few choices in the way we approach this: my group experience package or working with me one-one one either on a call or exclusively in person private sessions.


“I feel so much more in tuned and confident with myself to what the missing piece was in my relationships.  Since I started with you, I am having fun and only doing what works for me!! Thanks so much Anita!”

Jennifer P., Office Manager


Personal Dating Plans

  • Learn to let go of past heartbreaks and heartaches
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Bring back the fun to dating
  • Understand what is potentially blocking you
  • Recognize your True Love

Package 1: One-on-One Call-in Package

1 Discovery Phone Coaching Session so that you get more clear and confident in what you need to do to meet your one

2 Follow-up Phone Coaching Sessions so that you get more of  my personal attention in getting the dating basics


Click here to book a consultation.

Package 2: One-on-One Experience Package

1 Discovery Coaching Session (in-person) so that you get more clear and confident in what you need to do to meet your one

2 Follow-up Phone Coaching Sessions so that you get more of my personal attention in getting the dating basics

2 Reiki Coaching Sessions so that you can start feeling good bringing in more peace of mind and joy into your life

1 Emergency Laser Coaching Session so that you keep on track for the times where you are second guessing yourself


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Frequently Asked Questions

How & where does this all take place?
By phone, internet or in person.

Would you still work with me if I am not going through or been divorced?
Absolutely, if I feel you are a good fit for me and you feel the same, then let’s get to work!  Although I work with people who are going through or have been divorced, I believe that if someone is an ideal client and working with me would bring them the results they seek, then we can definitely move forward in a direction together.

Click Here For Any Questions! I would love to hear from you.