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When people are asked what they most want out of their Life most answer, “I want to be successful and happy.”

What is success to you?

Some believe it means to have a certain status and material wealth then they will be happy.  Recently science has turned its attention on what exactly does make us happy.  In this research they found that a man who lives in the slums of India is just as happy as an average North American citizen.


Happiness IS within your reach


 So what’s going on here?  How is this possible?

There’s a myth running rampant that more money and more of anything will forever exponentially increase your happiness.  What scientists have found is once the needs of basic living are met there is not much difference in the level of happiness say between someone who earns 50K to a millionaire.

What is more interesting is that 40%  is what we are genetically predisposed to, only 10% is to status and material wealth and a whopping 50% is attributed to other factors.

This 50% is something we can immediately do something about.  This something is in the choices we make for ourselves on every level physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It’s about living your Life authentically.  It’s about living your Life the way YOU want and need on your own terms-this is what I call Positive Living.

This is NOT about living right or wrong.  It’s about learning how to access your true self, your core and creating a Life based ONLY on what YOU value most.  It’s about cutting out the fluff and getting to the heart of the matter.  It’s about what’s really going to matter to you once you are on your death bed perhaps filled with regret for a Life not truly lived.

You may have had the best laid out plans but somehow you are still not happy.  Or maybe Life has thrown you a curve ball and you are now looking at a major life adjustment.

Realizing you are not happy and adjusting to major transitions can take people on a wild ride often causing high levels of stress and worry.  This  is often a precursor to the causes of many major illnesses.


Learn how to invite more peace and more ease in your Life


Experience what true happiness is for you


Together we will bring in more positivity by creating personal customized plans that support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s talk about what you are going through and what you can do about it now.   You can feel more inspired, have greater appreciation, less stress and start sensing your true purpose and meaning.

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