Divorce Care

Is the divorce process leaving you in a mental and emotional mess?  

If you recently ended a long term relationship or marriage, you may be struggling with the process of separation and divorce.   You may feel like a failure, lonely, frustrated, a little embarrassed and grasping for something to keep you afloat. 

Know you do not have to do this alone.  Save your money, time and effort by letting go of the fear created stories of what’s to come.

I support people in adjusting to divorce by creating a personal customized plan in manageable steps  so that they can move forward towards new beginnings.

I’ve been through the divorce process and know exactly what it feels like to have to start over and rebuild from scratch.  For almost 8 years, I’ve been through numerous programs, workshops and lectures finding ways to restart my life.  What I found is by combining powerful systems in a certain way supports the process of moving forward and creating new inspirational beginnings. 

These workshops were filled with people in search for more health, happiness, and passion in their lives.  But in these modern times, just tapping into one type of program and discipline is often not enough.  Everyone is unique in the way they think, feel and process.  There are infinite ways to be when faced with the unknown.  All you need is to take responsibility and discover what works for you.  We are all unique and require detailed attention in our own life circumstances.  There is no one ‘right’ way.

The separation and divorce process doesn’t have to be a never ending drama scarring you for the rest of your life.  

There is a way where you can start feeling and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can feel more confident, inspired and sure of the choices you make during such a challenging time.

You can do this!  But you must make the first step to reach out and get the support you need. 
Anita Yok Sim Ho of Calgary |Get Back On Track
"Your coaching has helped me see things differently and made me so much stronger."

  • Professional Coaching in combination with Alternative Health & Wellness Therapies could propel you into more happiness, more strength and living the life you never thought possible

  • Professional Coaching improves self-confidence by 80%, relationships by 73% and communication skills by 72%

  • Reiki has been shown to have significant positive outcomes for depression, high blood pressure, pain, and anxiety by Stanford University and Cross Cancer Institute and many more…

How would even a bit of that sound in your own life right now?

But first let’s see how I can best serve you and if what I offer is a good fit for you.

How do I support people going through challenging times like separation and divorce?  And what might suit your needs? 

I have simplified this into  2 PACKAGES depending on how much support you need.  Different combinations are possible contact me to find out what might best suit you.


Need more support and guidance?

This 3 month package will provide the basic foundation of creating a personal customized plan that enables you to take charge of your life with confidence.  If you are looking for more encouragement, support and direction this may just be for you.  You will start to bring in more contentment, healing and inspiration into your life again. 

I want to help you personally start

  • Understanding how to ease the tension
  • Practicing to not dwell on the past
  • Feeling stronger in the choices you make
  • Specific details in where to go from here
  • Keeping you focused in what you need to accomplish

You will be on your way in the direction based on more clear, focused and mindful choices.  You will feel more confident and sure of what you need to accomplish.

This package includes…

  • 1 Discovery Coaching Session for a personal customized road map so that you can take steps in moving forward at your own pace
  • 1 in-person Reiki Coaching Session for bringing in more peace and clarity
  • 1 in-person Coaching Session
  • 2 Phone Coaching Sessions
  • 3 months of my personal email support to help you navigate the steps so that you never feel alone
  • 3 months of weekly check-ins for all your questions and to support you to keep on track
  • 1 General Health & Wellness Assessment

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Ready to take  the bull by the horns?

This 6 month package is for you if you are truly ready and want to start wiping the slate clean and start living big and bold.  Create your own master class and dive into the depths of what it takes to live in self-mastery.

Build that door to

  • your dream life
  • always keep on course in whatever you choose
  • a deeper sense of peace and contentment
  • feeling freer than ever thought possible
  • a brand new you!

Not only will you learn how to get through your divorce but also have the practice of these tools.  Tools that you can use time and time again to get through anything that life can throw at you.

What this includes…

  • 1 in-person Discovery Coaching Session for a personal customized road map so that you can take steps in moving forward at your own pace
  • 6  in-person Reiki Coaching Sessions for bringing in more peace and ease
  • 3 Phone Coaching Sessions for times of more clarity and greater focus
  • 1 in-person Coaching Session
  • 24 weeks of my personal email support to help you navigate the steps so you never feel alone
  • 24 weeks of weekly check-ins for all your questions and to support you to keep on track
  • 1 General Health & Wellness Assessment

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“What a wonderful feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I know I have some ways to go yet but I feel hopeful that I can be happy again in some way despite the divorce and devastation.  You really helped me through some rough patches where I know I would have not made the best decision for my circumstances.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for being there when I felt there was no one who cared.”

Riley M., Customer Care Sales Rep


Frequently Asked Questions

How & where does this all take place?
If not indicated on the phone or by skype.   Please inquire about in-person options.

Would you still work with me if I am not going through or been divorced?Absolutely, if I feel you are a good fit for me and you feel the same, then let’s get to work!  Although I work with people who are going through or been divorced, I believe that if someone is an ideal client and working with me would bring them the results they seek, then we can definitely move forward in a direction together.

Refund Policy Guarantee  If you feel like this is not the program for you I will happily refund the sessions not completed.

Click Here For Any Questions! I would love to hear from you.