Living in Balance: Power of Presence

Let’s be really honest here.  What are you exactly doing and thinking right now?  Are you half-heartledly reading this post as you are juggling a multitude of other things?

Chances are you have a lot on your mind and many things you need and want to do.  This is the reality for many these days – so much to do but really there is not enough hours in the day.


The power of presence means stopping all the busyness and becoming powerfully more productive in an instant.

It takes a bit of time to reflect and take a hard look at exactly why you are so so busy.

Is it your need for control?  Do  you want to know how everything is going to work out right down to the last detail?  Often what happens is you may be triggered when you feel your sense of security is less than.  This usually happens to people who have a traumatic history.  So in defense, they do everything in their power to know what and how it is going to happen in order to avert the possible ‘threat’.

Is perfectionism in play here?  Do you have the belief that you are only worth what you achieve or have (assets, education, job, friends, partners)?  Work on the understanding that you are already worth your weight in gold just because you are alive!

Or is there something you just don’t want to face or feel right now?

Research has shown multi-tasking where it may feel like you are being productive is in reality not.  And this does not even consider the quality of life you are leading.  Are you really seeing and enjoying the moment for what it is?

You are missing out on life and all its possibilities if you continue on that road.  You will miss out on the laughter and the intuitive gut moments that could be THE answer staring right in your face.

So, take a break, soak in the moment, let life just flow and show you how miraculous it really is.

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