Life Balance


Do you feel stressed out and struggling just to get by?

Your health may have seen better days.  Your body may feel low on energy and tired all the time.  Generally you feel dis-satisfied with the direction of your life.  You may feel lost and confused about what to do next.    Most of all you are not sure how to restructure your life to move in direction that works for you. 

You do not have to do this alone, overwhelmed and in fear of what will happen next.  You can start thriving in your own way again now!

I support people going through tough times and begin creating a fresh new start filled with more joy, confidence and clarity.

It’s time to take your life by the horns!  Yes that is possible AND YOU DESERVE IT!

I’ve been at the crossroads many times in my life feeling like I am just stumbling in the dark.  For almost 8 years, I’ve went through numerous programs, workshops and lectures finding ways to restart my life.  I found that when combining professional coaching with alternative health techniques created a powerful system to jolt me out and into a life filled with more purpose, joy and peace. 

These workshops were filled with people in desperate search for more health, peace and ease in their lives.  But leaning on one technique did not do the trick for me and for many others.  We were often left wandering continually searching for something more.   Often I had to contend with programs that declared their way is the only way.  On top of that I did not appreciate being told exactly what I should do and how I should be living my life when the dynamics of my life were not even factored in.

There is no one-size-fits all

You may have had the best laid out plans but that just isn’t working for you anymore.  Or maybe life has thrown you a curve ball and you are now looking at a major life adjustment.


When you are just surviving and/or adjusting to major life event this can take you on relentless waves of stress, frustration and worry.  And unfortunately the decline of health, as living in this way decreases your immunity, follows.


Learn how to invite more peace and more ease into your Life


Experience what true fulfillment feels like for you


Together we will bring in more joy by creating personal customized plans and sessions that support you physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s talk about what you are going through and what you can do about it now.   You can feel more joy, less stress and start feeling much more balanced and in control.


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