Feeling stuck?

in ditch

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations.  It is the spice of life to many.  At what point does it keep us imprisoned rather than expanding our lives to where it naturally wants to flow.

If you have a little perfectionism in you this may speak to you loud and clear.  Seemingly stuck in a loop of doing what’s right or should be done.  Always second guessing yourself endlessly and getting nowhere fast.

Constantly dealing with the inner criticisms that morph into its own entity until you feel sick and tired of it yelling,

“Enough! I’m done with this!  Leave now!”


Feeling so tired that you find yourself on your knees wishing someone would just tell you the right thing to do whether it be a counselor, spiritual guru to any sign that says this way.

monkeys 3

Well, it’s time to own up.  Time to stop looking for reassurance and passing the buck on figuring what’s right for you in your life’s circumstances and your value system.  Break it down, face the fears and look behind the true motives for your choices.  Make a choice, set goals and see where it goes.  Feel it out constantly, double and triple check with yourself does this feel right so far.  Create a supportive structure where it safeguards you from just going with the motions and living your life unconsciously.

What do you need to let go to get out of the ditch?  You endlessly debate and analyze whether to go left or right but guess what?  They both get you out of the ditch!  Maybe you need to let go of an image about yourself or a way of life you think you just can’t live without.  Whatever it may be, know that you can always make another choice.

Reclaim your power now.

If you are having challenges with creating more peace and more ease in your life, I would love to hear from you!









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